Štefánik Observatory

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Meeting time / duration

19.00 - 21:00 (Every day except Monday) / 1-3 hours

Meeting point

Please, pick up your ticket at following address: Strahovská 205, 118 00 Praha 1.

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English, Czech


''Discover the night sky, watch and dream!'' Visit the Štefánik Observatory on Petřín Hill and discover the beauty of the night and day sky. Explore an interesting exposition and touch the meteorite.

What to Expect

Product Experience

  • Public daytime and night-time observations of the sky
  • Video-projection
  • You can touch some of the meteorites
  • Interesting astronomical exhibition

Experience in detail

The Štefánik Observatory is located in the very heart of Prague, in Petřín’s parks and it was opened to the public in 1928. The observatory specializes above all in the popularization of astronomy and related natural sciences.

Undoubtedly the most interesting thing the observatory can offer is public daytime and night-time observations of the sky. During the day you will observe the Sun. At nighttime, observation focuses on the Moon and the planets of the Solar System when they are most visible. Observations of the sky are available the whole year round when the weather conditions allow.

You can also visit the comprehensive astronomical exhibition with detailed information about the universe, astrophysics, and astronautics. It contains a number of interactive experiments, a unique collection of historical instruments, and also a collection of meteorites and tektites from all over the world. Some of the highlights include samples originating from the Moon, Mars, and the asteroid Vesta. You can touch some of the meteorites!

What is included

  • the entrance to the exhibition
  • annotated observation of the sky depending on the current meteorological conditions, or a short film

What is not included

  • special program - lectures and lecture shows

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