Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • Automatic online booking is guaranteed 24 hours before the start of the circuit, in a shorter time, please wait for our confirmation, or contact us personally.
  • Prices in EUR are only informative and depend on the current exchange rate (indicative conversion: 1 EUR 26 CZK)
  • Payment: credit cards, Pay pall, the agreement in cash CZK, EUR.
  • Groups can provide any special circuit for a set price


  • Commentary on a range of Skip the Line - Prague Castle Tickets, Minibus: is provided in audio languages, namely: EN, DE, other areas are accompanied by a guide
  • Perform in these languages: EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, RU. Other languages are not recorded. Sometimes a tour in some other language may be arranged in advance and for 1-9 persons for private circuit for groups (10 persons and above) listed prices as per the individual circuits.
  • Please note that some areas may be interpreted in several languages. Private lines are kept only in the agreed language.
  • Minibus: with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, max 6 people
  • Children under 5 years old without a seat (with the exception of private circuits and trips outside Prague - Baby price)
  • The length of time is indicative, actual length depends on the traffic situation, which can not influence or predict. Get PRAGUE GUIDE company is not liable for problems caused by traffic in the city and during the journey on the highway like.
  • Time-out on the circuit, the trip is not identical with the hour of pickup. The designated pick-up time depends on the traffic situation in the city or any location of the hotel. Possible delay pickup is no reason for a refund.
  • Most of our tour ends in the city center. In the case of private circuits minibus - transport to the hotel. Please note that all special requests must be lodged before the start of the circuit.
  • Pick up and transport to the hotel by minibus is part of the only private circuits.
  • Agreed time and place of meeting your guide or place of boarding to a minibus must be respected. Missing the meeting time or place is no reason for a refund.
  • Tour guide person or responsible GET PRAGUE GUIDE person will carry a blue-and-white umbrella and he/she will be waiting for customers at a designated meeting point and time mentioned in the description of circuits, excursions on the voucher. Only in the case of walking tours guide waits for the client a maximum of 15 minutes from the beginning of the circuit.
  • Some historical buildings run by state can not be guided by private guides, therefore Get Prague Guide can not guarantee interpretation of a local guide in your selected language.

3 HEALTH and other CARE

  • We recommend that you will have your ID card and a document (card) about the paid health insurance on the particular tour. Each customer must consider demands of the circuit, or a trip to their condition and age. He is also obliged to bring along medications of his/her use.
  • Customer acknowledges that the company GET PRAGUE GUIDE is not responsible for the medical expenses of any injuries and is not responsible for the payment of damages caused by the client or any third party.
  • PRAGUE GUIDE GET Company is not liable for damages caused to the customer by another customer or a third party person, on his/her health or property during a particular tour.
  • For child is fully responsible legal representative.


  • Discounts for children 0-5 years and 6-15 years, groups of 20 or above.
  • The children's discounts may vary in each destination, and is shown for all circuits in the description.
  • Group discounts - individually

5. Complaint:

  • Any complaint must be applied immediately to the guide, or the official of the company GET PRAGUE GUIDE. Late submitted complaints will be not considered.
  • Disobediency of the official of the company GET PRAGUE GUIDE or tour guide or disobedience of schedule can cause separation from the group. The problems and costs associated with it are borne fully by the customer.
  • The lost or stolen personal belongings outside, in buses, cars, ships and buildings Get Prague Guide is not responsible.

6. Participation CIRCUIT:

  • It is possible only with a valid voucher which is presented at the start of the circuit/tour to the responsible person of GET PRAGUE GUIDE, or tour guides.
  • We reserve the right to change any of the program, meeting place time due to unexpected changes in the opening hours of the visited objects or due to traffic restrictions, etc.


  • Financial compensation for unused and purchased tours/circuits/tickets Get Prague Guide do not provide
  • Free cancellation - 3 days or more before the start of the circuit.
  • 20% cancellation charge - 24 hours before the start of the circuit.
  • Less than 24 hours no refund.
  • Cancelation on the New Year's Eve, all tour / circuit with an evening program: free cancellation until the end of November, a 25% cancellation fee until 20 December, 100% when canceled after 20 December.


  • On 25 May 2018, the European Union Privacy Act entered into force (you may see the GDPR abbreviation). In connection with this, we inform you of the following:

    • If you create tickets or walks with us, you automatically consent to the processing of your details to Get Prague Guide s.r.o.
    • If you have made a reservation with us and you enter your personal data, your personal data administrator is Get Prague Guide s.r.o.
    • We process your personal information on the registration form for the purpose of providing our services and products or its changes or other important notifications connected with your reservation.

    If there are other people on your booking form, do not forget to inform them.

Payment for the circuit / tour / transfer means acceptance and understanding of this contract of general conditions.


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