Duration: 1 hour

Come and visit the world's largest private collection of sculptures by the famous surrealist Salvador Dali, who would live to be 115 this year. The Salvador Dali Museum presents a unique exhibition including the most interesting sculptures from the period when Salvador Dali was very close to Sigmund Freud, the famous Austrian psychologist, neurologist, and philosopher.


Duration: 12 min

The largest laser game complex in the Czech Republic for teambuildings, corporate parties, and family celebrations. Our laser game arenas are the ideal place to spend active time and relax a bit. The arena in Hamleys is part of the largest toy store in the Czech Republic, Hamleys, and instead of a bar there are more than 3000 m2 full of toys, and believe me, everyone will really return to their childhood here!


Duration: 1 hour

Visit this magical world of optical illusions! Be part of a stunning exposure to fantastic optical illusions and large-format trick paintings. Set out for a unique experience at the most entertaining Czech museum. Before you visit, make sure your camera is fully charged and has enough memory to take unprecedented and funny photos and videos.


Duration: 3 hours

Futurento, a unique entertainment center with great accessibility in Prague. Apocalypse and the year 2088. The story which will send shivers down your spine. Team collaboration, educational elements, the best of all world games, and the latest technology. 4 fractions - 4 roles - 1 team - 1 mission. Playing for the future begins!


Duration: 1-3 hours

The Prague museum does not only have the most exhibits in the Czech Republic but in the whole world. It is specialized in the history of this unique building kit, which was proudly honored ''the toy of the century''. On the surface of 340 m2, you can see more than 2500 models divided into 20 theme parts. More than 1 000 000 bricks were used.


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